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Some patients suffer from gum disease which can cause you to lose bone around your teeth. If this disease goes untreated for many years, your teeth can become loose or even fall out.


At TexSmiles Dental, we do a thorough assessment of your gums to determine if you have gum disease so it can be treated before your teeth become loose. Some signs that you may have gum disease include: bleeding gums when you brush; swollen and red gums; generalized soreness around your teeth; gum sensitivity bad breath.

Deep Cleanings

If you do have gum disease, we will let you know at your initial visit. In order to stop the gum disease from progressing, we will recommend a deep cleaning, which involves cleaning your teeth below the gums after numbing you.

Crown Lengthening

Cavities that go deep below the gum line create problems when trying to restore the tooth with a crown or a filling. It is sometimes necessary to expose more of the tooth in a certain area in order for us to do a restoration that will seal properly and not cause gum irritation.