Fillings & Crowns

Having a healthy set of teeth is crucial for the proper
growth and development of a child. Broken or painful teeth can cause your son or daughter to not be able to eat due to discomfort. TexSmiles is committed to providing cosmetic, tooth-colored fillings for your child. In some cases, a stainless steel crown may be recommended if a baby tooth is very damaged.

Space Maintainers

Unfortunately, some baby teeth that have been irreparably damaged may have to be extracted. To prevent crowding and bite issues in the future, space maintainers are recommended to provide enough room for the permanent teeth to come into place.




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Are you nervous about taking your child to the dentist? You can rest assured knowing that we have been successfully treating children for years.


Whether your son or daughter needs dental work or not, maintaining healthy teeth is a major component of good overall health and development.


It is recommended to see a dental professional as early as 6 months of age.


Sealants, as their name suggests, help seal off the deep pits and grooves present in permanent teeth so that they are less likely to get cavities This is a safe, easy, and cost effective way to help keep your child’s teeth healthy for many years to come!

Athletic Mouth Guards:

At TexSmiles Dental, we know your child has an active lifestyle. Whether it’s football, baseball, or soccer, protecting your child’s teeth during these activities is vital. If a tooth is lost during adolescence, whether it is a baby tooth or permanent tooth, it can affect how the other teeth come into the mouth and may cause appearance or bite issues later in life. Our mouth guards allow your son or daughter to continue to play protected.